Photo Essay: Flora and Fauna of Mullassery Canal Neighbourhood

The following images have been taken to document the Mullassery canal neighbourhoods role as a thriving ecological habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

Participants may use these images to supplement information they have received in the design briefs

Fruits on a tree

Greenery along the canal

UDC Sub-site C - Behind St.Teresa’s Girl’s College

Dense green cover over the canal waters

UDC Sub-site B - Near Sewage pumping station

Trees growing along and over the canal waters

Birds spotted in the canal area

A garden lizard found along the Mullassery Canal

Green areas along the canal

The Maharaja College Grounds

UDC Sub-site B - Near MG road

The Maharaja College Grounds

UDC Sub-site C - Near Padikathukulam Housing Settlement

Foliage along the canal

A tree growing along the Mullassery Canal

Fruits on locally found trees

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