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Team Entekochi

We would like to take this opportunity to present the diverse members of our multi-disciplinary team

who crafted the Entekochi Competition process


Ashim Rasheed, Design Combine 

Ashim is an Architect practising in Cochin with experience in design of Low Energy buildings, Academics, Research and strategic management of developments in sensitive ecosystems. He has a Bachelors from University of Mysore and a Masters in Global Practice from the University of Lincoln, UK. He has been part of the team associated with BBMP, TRIDA and GCDA for city level developments. 


Friederike Thonke, GIZ India 

Friederike is an urban planner and community architect working as advisor for the Sustainable Urban Development - Smart Cities (SUD-SC) project with GIZ India since 2016 and is coordinating in this capacity the EnteKochi process. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture (State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart)and a double-degree Masters in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (university of Stuttgart & Ain Shams University, Cairo). Friederike is passionate about - and thus her practice focuses on - integrated urban planning and in specific on aspects of urban informality, affordable housing, land tenure and financing, capacity development and participatory planning. She has worked in several countries in South Asia, South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa at the level of local NGOs to international organisations. 

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Kareena Kochery, urbz 

Kareena studied architecture at the MSU Baroda, and Landscape Architecture from the Wageningen University, Netherlands. She is currently working with urbz / Urbanology Projects LLP. Kareena aims to help reimagine urban planning processes and resulting urban landscapes by exploring the multi-scalar, multi-dimensional flows and forms of urbanisation. 


Markus Ewald, urbanista  

Markus is an urban planner at the interface of urban development and communication design. He is one of the founding members of Nexthamburg and supervised collaborative urban development projects in Germany and abroad, including Nextbangalore in India. Markus Ewald‘s work focuses on urban planning, spatial analysis, spatial design and conceptual design as well as on the conception of participatory processes of urban planning and development. Since 2007 he is working with urbanista; in 2019 he was part of the team that developed and implemented the first phase of EnteKochi.


Matias Echanove, urbz 

Matias is the co-founder of urbz/Urbanology Projects LLP. He has developed new models of participatory governance and institution building, and has expertise in the organization of participatory design workshops over a decade. He is particularly interested in urban and economic development, mobility and culture. He initiated urban participatory workshops with local civic authorities and groups in Tokyo, Mumbai, New Delhi, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Geneva. 


He started a process that brings in different forms of expertise at the level of a neighbourhood to facilitate conversations across groups and sectors. This has now become an intrinsic part of the urbz methodology. With planning government departments in Geneva, he has developed projects that have become integral to official urban plans in which local residents are active players.   


Monika Bahl, GIZ India 

Monika works as the Senior Advisor (Infrastructure and Basic Services) for the Sustainable Urban Development in Smart Cities project at GIZ. She is an Architect and Urban Planner by qualification and has been working in the urban sector for more than 15 years.  Some of the core areas for her expertise include infrastructure development (water supply, waste water, solid waste management and storm water management), Public and Municipal Finance and Governance (Municipal Cadre, Institutional Strengthening etc). She also brings along vast experience of working in India across various states and ULBs. She has been advising the states and smart cities for interventions in the field of Basic Services. 


Monolita Chatterjee, Design Combine 

Ar. Monolita, Partner, Design Combine Architects and Designers has a two decade long career as an award winning architect in the fields of Leisure, Heritage, Urban Renewal and Transit Design. She is empaneled in the Urban Design team for the Kochi Municipal Corporation, and with Archaeological Survey of India, South India. She conducts academic workshops and exercises with architectural students, faculty and professionals as well as the general public, corporators and central and state development mission personnel on aspects of inclusion and gender through design, especially in the public realm. She founded the Gender Rights based NGO Raising Our Voices Foundation in 2013. She is also part of the teaching faculty in KMEA College of Architecture, Kerala. 

Nahlah Basheer.jpg

Nahlah Basheer, Consultant 

Nahlah is an architecture and urban planning professional with demonstrated history of working in the industry with the public and private sectors in Kerala. Nahlah has also served in positions of academia where she was engaged in teaching architecture students and developing new research pedagogies in the process. Apart from this, she also carries special interests in the fields of sociology, culture, and literature. Nahlah is presently working as a consultant with GIZ SUD-SC focusing on inclusion in terms of low-income housing and barrier-free environments for persons with disabilities.  


Rahul Srivastava, urbz 

Rahul is a co-founder of urbz / Urbanology Projects LLP. He studied social and urban anthropology at St. Xavier’s College, (Mumbai), J.N.U. (Delhi) and Cambridge (UK). As a founding member of the urbz collective, he works closely with urban practitioners to use his learnings and skills in anthropology as an applied tool for civic action and research. He works with urban planners and architects, by documenting socio-economic dynamics of neighbourhoods, combining ethnography with architectural practice and locality specific field explorations with participatory planning.  

The co-created practice of ‘Urbanology’ with Matias Echanove started in 2008 in which they brought and combined their learnings from past projects in India and from around the world into a specific setting - Dharavi Mumbai where they continue their engagements with the neighbourhood to use learnings in a range of urban contexts - from Geneva to Bogota. Srivastava has published extensively in academic, journalistic and popular formats. 

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Radha, urbz

Radha is an artist and designer currently working at urbz/ Urbanology Projects LLP. Her work involves planning and designing efficient systems of use, visual communication and illustration. She is currently majoring in Public Space Design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and is interested in studying relationships between people and places.


Sahil Sasidharan, GIZ Kochi 

Sahil is an urban practitioner-cum-researcher with experience in development practice, academics, advisory services, training and capacity development spanning across the public, private and non-profit sectors in India. As a Technical Expert with SUD-SC since 2018, he coordinates all the project activities in Kochi and provides technical advisory on inclusive urban governance, integrated spatial planning, municipal capacity development and resolving access to land and housing finance for the urban poor. Prior to joining GIZ, he was a researcher and trainer with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Bangalore (2013-17) focused on evolving an urban practice of/from the global South. Sahil is an architect with a postgraduate degree in planning (housing) from SPA, New Delhi and an MA in cities and global development from the University of Sheffield, UK. 


Samidha Patil, urbz 

Samidha Patil is an Architect and Urban Planner working with urbz / Urbanology Projects LLP. She studied architecture from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture and obtained her M. Sc. in Urban Management and Development from Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Samidha is specialised in Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice, and delves into the topic of adequate affordable housing. Currently, she is engaged in multiple public participation led urban development projects in India and Europe. 


Sophie Naue, Dr., urbanista

Sophie has several years of professional experience as an urban planner, assistant professor and city consultant in Hamburg and Latin America. She has a Master and Bachelor degree in Urban Planning and City Development from TUHH and HafenCity University in Hamburg and has completed her doctoral studies (2016) at Leuphana University, Lüneburg and Bauhaus University, Weimar. Her research focuses mainly on urban informality, social transformation and upgrading programs in Latin America, with particular attention to participatory processes. Since 2018 she is working with urbanista, where she also has was part of the core team (from 2010 - 2012); and in 2019 she was part of the team that developed and implemented the first phase of EnteKochi.  

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